Civil and Structural Design

Design company of the 1st category that carries out a full range of works in the development of design documentation at all stages of design for organizations, enterprises, and individuals.

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When representing each building as a symbol of art, our main purpose is to make efforts to enhance the company’s goodwill and strive to reflect the company’s vision in all modern architectural objects.
Our goal is to create the most economic structures that ensure the reliable operation of the building. When developing a project, we work with the Customer and offer options for the project that takes into account the client’s psychology.
Any construction and major investment start with a good project. In our projects, which include the author’s architecture, the costs of this component are not reflected in the final cost per meter of living space.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

We remain true to the same principles, on which our company was founded over a hundred years ago: providing superior service to our customers, top priority safety and security, creating opportunities for our people!

Value acquisition is one of the key pillars of our strategy.


Are you looking for a reliable engineering company who can be trusted with a project or a project adaptation, and not be afraid for the resulting quality?

Perhaps, ALAKENT ENGINEERING is what you are looking for:


Our category 1 engineering company designs modern architectural objects in Almaty and Kazakhstan.

Focus on the quality and period of work execution.


Our knowledge and experience in the design and construction allows us to increase the speed of object creation while maintaining high quality.


We have nothing to hide, that is why, at any stage of the project, the Customer can get complete information about the progress of work and can easily check it.


We conduct our business honestly, transparently, and openly.


Our engineering company does not violate the facility completion deadline and the cost of the project specified in the contract.


We do not try to look busy and are not involved in fraudulent schemes.

Competitive Prices

We know everything and even more about how to design efficiently and economically.

Do you need a professional project?

Our Clients

We strive to look as far as possible!

We act decisively and boldly,
and set the bar high for ourselves!

A clear position and confident strategy
are what always help us achieve our goals.


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