Key Activities;

  • buildings and structures design (at all stages);
  • foreign projects adaptation;
  • execution of construction supervision, monitoring of the quality and volume of installation work.

Design Marks;

  • Architectural and planning solutions
  • General lay-out
  • Construction solutions (reinforced concrete structures, metallic structures)
  • Preliminary design calculations
  • Heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems (HVAC)
  • Water supply and sewage systems
  • Power supply system
  • Communication system
  • Automatic fire extinguisher system and burglar alarm
  • Technology solutions
  • Heat supply networks
  • External water supply and sewer pipe networks

Design Types;

  • Urban design
  • Architectural engineering
  • Construction design
  • Process engineering of buildings for housing and civil purposes
  • Process engineering of industrial facilities
  • Process engineering of transport and communications infrastructure facilities.