The camp in Almaty city, with the area of 63 hectares.

Section was broken into three zones:
1. In the northern zone of the section we designed a housing estate "Northern", of 33,6 hectares. It includes: 9 floor houses of a tunnel timbering, office buildings, school, multi-level and open parkings along roads. (Total 143 of 9 -storeyed buildings)
2. In the central zone of the section the residential district "Central" where two-storeyed "townhouses" (total area of S=62004m2) and open parkings along roads were placed was designed.
3. In the southern zone of the section we designed the residential district "Southern" which consists of 16 large country houses and two-storeyed buildings for their service. In total land area is 5 hectares.

Almaty, Kazakhstan